Florida Churches Continue Reconstruction, Repairs

Hurricane season has long been past and gone, and most Florida churches have their basic provisions such as food, water and clothing. However, a new report by the Assemblies of God church showed repairs and reconstruction are a long way from completion.

According to Ed White, the men¡¯s ministries director and crew organizer for the A/G Peninsular Florida district, there is a desperate need for roofers, roofing materials, carpenters, electricians, and volunteers to rip out and reinstall drywall and carpet.

The season¡¯s four hurricanes battered the district, leaving most of the Peninsular Florida A/G churches damages; the Abundant Life Assembly in Punta Gorda alone suffered $1.5 million damages.

According to A/G news reports, the church is ¡°completely rebuilding and is still without electricity; they are running on a generator and worshipping under a tent.¡±

And while there are teams from all over the country scheduled to help with the reconstruction through mid March, only 50-60 percent of the major work will be accomplished. White says things will be looking back to normal hopefully by next July.

In the West Florida district, meanwhile, Paul Coroleuski, Southeast Regional US MAPS coordinator, said relief workers are limited to primarily clean-up work because insurance companies are requiring churches to hire contractors for more reconstruction.

Therefore, Coroleuski said, ¡°We are working to develop and train rapid response teams for future disasters.¡±

Churches interested in sending volunteers to the Peninsular Florida district may contact Ed White at 863-285-8067. West Florida is looking for volunteers to help rebuild a ¡°total loss¡± church early next year. If interested in sending volunteers, donating provisions or for information on the disaster relief and response team programs, call Paul Coroleuski at 770-527-9244.