Florida Voters Support Parental Notification on Abortion

On Tuesday, Florida voters resoundingly supported a constitutional amendment that requires parental notification if minors plan to have abortions.

The parental notification measure received the support of 4,466,398 voters or 64.7 percent of the state's residents. Only 35.3 percent of Florida voters (2,438,778) opposed it, LifeNews reported.

If approved, the proposal will overturn the privacy clause in Florida constitution which denies parental involvement in minors’ abortions.

Representative Sandra Murman helped get the initiative on the ballot and is pleased is passed. But making the measure law will require some more work. Murman commented, “I think parents have a right to know. I think they should be involved in these decisions.”

However, there are speculations that the measure will continue to attract challenges. Professor Bob Davis from Stetson Law School also thinks there may be constitutional problems because the right to privacy is so strongly spelled out in Florida’s constitution. A parental notification would violate this privacy law.

”That’s not the situation you like to have in your state constitution where provisions clash…so one of these provisions is going to have to yield,” professor Davis said.

Opponents say the measure could lead to injury or death for girls who try to end pregnancies themselves because they don't want to tell their parents.