FRC Salutes President's Judicial Nominees

Two days ago, President George W. Bush renominated his judicial candidates who suffered through obstructionism in the last Congress.

The FRC saluted the president for his judicial nominees and stated that these renominations will redeem the Senate Democrats who filibustered the Presidential nominees last time. This is "an early chance for the Senate Democrats to demonstrate a new attitude and move these nominations to their conclusion" (FRC).

Many of the candidates have been delayed for years. This uncertainty has public consequences for confidence in the American system of government.

"The jury is no longer out, the majority of Americans believe the President's nominees deserve a swift and fair hearing and a prompt yea-or-nay vote on the Senate floor. These issues were debated in detail during the campaign and the American people rendered a verdict. They want the obstructionism to end," stated FRC president Tony Perkins.

"Senate Democrats should listen to the mandate that came on election night. The American people made their decision both on the President's judicial philosophy and on the Democrats' tactics; which were justice-busters, not filibusters," stated a press release from the FRC.

"We all lose when this happens. The American people have spoken and they want the President's nominees to have their day on the Senate floor," stated Perkins