Fusion Conference to Mobilize Younger Generation to Serve Local Churches

Young adult Christians are prone to becoming apathetic toward the church and inactive in their faith by age 30, according to a Barna survey. That's why founders of a campaign geared toward mobilizing young adult Christians to be active in their faith have created Fusion, a conference that connects the young generation to mission and ministry opportunities.

"The target audience of Fusion is one of the most pivotal and often overlooked groups in the church," said Brian Mosley, 27, founder and director of the Plano, Texas-based Rightnow.

"We are educated, skilled and passionate, but sometimes we have difficulty living our faith," said Mosley on the ministry's website. "We are married, we are parents, we are single, we are professionals and even college seniors trying to make our lives significant."

Over 1,800 Christians fitting Mosley's description arrived at the launch of Fusion's first event in Dallas last November. They heard powerful messages from well-known Christian speakers such as Los Angeles-based Mosaic Pastor Erwin McManus and Promise Keepers Coach Bill McCartney.

"Love God and then go crazy with your passion — just do something!" said McManus at the 2004 Fusion conference.

Attendants to last year's conference were also met with "Fusion's winning-formula" – an assembly of more than 140 Dallas-Fort Worth-area churches representing many different denominations and racial backgrounds and 60 national and ministries who shared ministry opportunities available to young adult Christians.

This year, Fusion will continue to bring similar churches and ministry groups to the Busters generation at three cities, including, Dallas, Texas, Nov. 5, 2005; Orlando, Fl., Feb. 25, 2006; and Denver, Colo., Apr. 29, 2006.

Participants will hear from speakers such as David Kimball, pastor of Vintage Faith Community Church in Santa Cruz, Calif., and author of "The Emerging Church." For an additional fee, conference attendants can also register for a leadership forum led by Kimball on Fridays before scheduled Fusion events. Nationally acclaimed worship leaders and Christian folk-rock group Caedmon's Call will perform at the event.

Those who enjoy expressing their faith through the arts can enter a 7-minute film to be included in the Fusion Film Festival or their art work for the Creative Expo. There is no entry fee and the deadline for submissions is Sept. 23, 2005.

As the conference dates approaches, Mosley along with his executive team, Marc McCartney, 32, events director, and Justin Forman, 25, director of operations, have been visiting local churches to discuss specific needs of the 20- and 30-year-olds in their congregations, according to a report.

In addition to Fusion, young adult Christians can get connected to ministry opportunities through Rightnow's main website, www.Rightnow.org, which lists more than 3,000 U.S. and international short-and long-term ministry opportunities through partnerships with 80 mission agencies and organizations.