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Greceila Jota's 'The Deliverer': A Story of God's Grace and Authority

Greceila Jota's 'The Deliverer': A Story of God's Grace and Authority

Greceila Jota has released her first novel, "The Deliverer," to the delight of fans and those seeking a story of faith, forgiveness, and love.

The book centers on a series of complicated relationships, including those of Dun Rosenberg, his son Alex, and their mutual love, Phyllis. Making things even more complicated is the fact that Phyllis is engaged to Brad Dennison, a local minister. How will these relationships work out, or will they even have a chance?

Jota's tale of love and faith is a testament to the power of God. Dun Rosenberg is a former Jew who denounced his religion and is now an atheist. His son, Alex, is a practicing Christian. Phyllis, the object of their mutual adoration is a born-again Christian, which adds to the complexity of faith in their relationships.

Dun and Alex are completely unaware that they each desire Phyllis, and Phyllis is unaware of the father-son relationship between the two. It's a testament as to how muddled lives can become when love is involved.

As the title may suggest, Jota does not leave these three alone to sort out their problems. Once the truth is exposed, God enters the picture to offer love, forgiveness, and deliverance from the all-too-human situations they get themselves in. It's a story of redemption and the love that God has for each one of us, no matter where we may be, or what our situations are.

Jota is well versed in theology and holds a masters degree in Education and Theology. According to her biography, Jota leads Bible study with her husband, Felino. The couple resides in Australia and shares three children and five grandchildren.

Pastor Rudy Tan has endorsed the book and has said that it "evokes a fresh awareness to the ease by which the human spirit can find itself sucked in a whirlpool of contradictions. The reader will sense the unavoidable hand of God that ultimately turns near chaos into liberating deliverance."

"The Deliverer" is available in paperback and as an e-book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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