By Tania Gutierrez , CP Contributor
September 23, 2016|2:38 am

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Hawaii Five-O Season 7 Promo Poster

Steve McGarrett is back in action in "Hawaii Five-O" Season 7 even if he has not yet fully recovered from his surgery. Not far behind him would be Danno, his best friend and kidney transplant donor since last season. As expected, the two will resume their epic arguments that fans have surely missed during the show's break.

Killer of serial killers

Danno (Scott Caan) and McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin) constant bickering about almost anything under the sun will once gain be featured in "Hawaii Five-O" Season 7. They and the rest of the task force team will be hunting down an evil serial killer whose victims of choice are serial killers themselves in the premiere of the new season.

The episode's title when translated in English means "Ready to Play". The team will be put on edge as the body of a victim will be found in their Five-O headquarters.

Island in panic

The first case of "Hawaii Five-O" Season 7 will be made more disturbing by the fact that the victim is discovered to be a serial killer and an ivory chess piece is found lodged in his mouth.

When a second body of another serial killer is found later and also with a chess piece, the island's residents and tourists alike start to panic.The killing spree of the killer will bring back to Hawaii criminal profiler Alicia Brown.

Killer will be known immediately

Spoilers for "Hawaii Five-O" Season 7 reveal that Alicia will literally find a victim in between her sheets in the third episode titled "New Player". It is also being reported that the viewers will not have to wait long for the identity of the Five-O task force's latest nemesis to be revealed.

The perp in "Hawaii Five-O" Season 7 who will be dubbed as the Chess-Piece Killer will be identified in the premiere episode of the new season.

Liver donor

Meanwhile, although he is still recovering from the liver transplant he had last season, McGarrett refuses to take it easy even if Danno tells him he should. In "Hawaii Five-O" Season 7, McGarrett is determined as ever to bring down the vigilante killer.

In last season's finale, Danno had to donate a part of his liver to the then gravely wounded McGarrett. The experience may have brought them closer than ever before but it will lead to more arguments between the two since McGarrett does not like to follow Danno's request to take things easy.

Danno's worst nightmare

Other than McGarrett's devil may care attitude to his surgery, Danno will also be dealing with his worst nightmare otherwise known as Grace's first boyfriend in "Hawaii Five-O" Season 7. EP Peter M. Lenkov refused to reveal who they signed on to play the role of the young boy who will have to face Danno just yet. He teased that finding out who it is makes the ride more fun.

"Hawaii Five-0" Season 7 premieres on CBS on September 23.