Hezekiah Walker Denies Homosexual Allegations

Grammy-winning gospel artist and preacher Hezekiah Walker has denied a recent report that he would be stepping down from his pastoral position due to a secret homosexual lifestyle.

The report, which was posted on musicnewsweekly.com, claimed that Walker had “come out of the closet” during an “extremely bitter” divorce between he and his wife, Monique Walker, and was planning to step down from his pastoral position to live together with his gay lover, who was reported as being a transvestite.

An official statement released late last month by Walker’s management said that, “It’s all lies.”

“It’s completely false and not even remotely true,” it read.

Walker issued a personal statement shortly after saying that, “The enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Character assassination is one of the oldest weapons.”

“People weak in mind believe the worst about everyone,” he added.

Musicnewsweekly.com’s founder, Tim Hunter, posted a public apology to Walker on Feb. 24, a day after the rumor was posted, citing Walker as being “a heterosexual male who was the chosen victim of a total stupidity on behalf of many.”

According to Hunter, the original news about Walker’s alleged homosexuality had first appeared on mediatakeout.com, a celebrity gossip and news site that has posted a follow up to the story that includes claims that the Rev. James Cleveland, another prominent gospel artist who passed away in 1991, was also a “closeted homosexual.”