Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015

How to Turbocharge Your Youth Ministry

By Greg Stier , Christian Post Guest Columnist
September 21, 2013|12:34 pm

Now that I have four "Maximum Velocity" youth leader training events under my belt I can say with full conviction that you should be there! We have 12 more cities to go before we hit the finish line. The remaining cities areā€¦

Lincoln, Denver, Loveland, Kansas City, St.Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, Chattanooga, DC, Phoenix, San Diego and LA.

If you're in youth ministry and want an excellent lunch and youth ministry training (on how to turbocharge your youth ministry) then why in the world would you miss it?

Click here to sign up and check this goofy video out.

And if you already attended one of the first four Maximum Velocity trainings please retweet this blog and consider leaving a comment telling other youth leaders why they should attend.

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