Releases Most Spun 2006, an independent collective of writers and music fans, has announced their Most Spun 2006 list.

As part of the list, the website asked Christian artists, journalists, PR folks and other industry insiders to give a list of the albums they listened to most over the course of the year.

The purpose of the list was to question why these people listen to the music that they do.

“We wanted to know what has been revolving in their CD players (or blaring through their iPods),” stated the website.

Among the surveyed people were well known Christian solo artist Bebo Norman, Jack Mooring of the new hit group Leeland, author and Editor-in-Chief of Robin Parrish, and Brenten Gilbert from theTru and

The website will continue adding artists, one installment a day for a few months.

The current list of submissions is on the Most Spun 2006 page of the website.