By Eunice Or , Gospel Herald Reporter
October 7, 2005|11:18 am

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International Aid Agencies Step Up Relief EffortsSupporting the children of Lamas is an important part of the Army's work. (Photo: Salvation Army)
International Aid Agencies Step Up Relief EffortsA resident salvages some timber from a ruined building in Lamas, Peru. (Photo: Salvation Army)
International Aid Agencies Step Up Relief EffortsA small child in Lamas with a Salvation Army officer. (Photo: Salvation Army)

As waves of aftershocks continued to threaten southern Peru after a powerful earthquake on Sept. 25 claimed five lives and injured 76 others in northern Peru, international aid agencies pledged to step up the relief program for the survivors.

"The Salvation Army stepped up its relief program in southern Peru after two earthquakes in quick succession on Saturday, Oct.1 brought further devastation," read a statement from the Salvation Army dated on Oct.5.

According to the Associated Press, Saturday's 4.2- and 4-magnitude earthquakes struck about 540 miles southeast of the capital, Lima. Following the quakes on Saturday, more than 170 aftershocks have rocked southern Peru in the 48 hours.

Civil Defense Institute chief Juan Luis Podesta told AP that at least 10 people were injured in the double earthquakes and more than 400 homes in several towns and villages were severely damaged or destroyed.

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