International Bible Society To Mark 195 Years Of Ministry

The International Bible Society (IBS) will mark 195 years of ministry with a celebration in Colorado Springs, Colorado today, Saturday Dec. 4. One of the first four Bible societies founded in America, IBS has grown into a global ministry.

Originating in 1809 as the New York Bible Society, IBS was primarily a Scripture supplier to immigrants, prisoners, hospital patients and soldiers for many years. While the scope of the ministry has widened since 1809, its purpose and passion has remained the same—evangelism.

"Our outreach ministry in New York is an indelible part of our rich history," said IBS President Peter Bradley in Colorado Springs, Colo. "But now our ministry focus is worldwide. Our vision is to provide millions of people across the globe God's life-transforming Word in clear, accurate, contemporary translations and formats."

IBS translates and distributes the Bible through 45 ministry centers in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. IBS also provides online Scriptures to virtually every corner of the world.

Since 1995 the ministry has put 40 translations online in various digital formats. To date the ministry has distributed more than 402 million Scriptures. IBS has translated at least some portion of Scripture in 89 of the world's major languages and, in conjunction with Wycliffe Bible Translators, has published God's Word in more than 660 languages.