International Hispanic Seminar Brings Churches Up to Speed

The annual International Seminar for Hispanic Consultants was held in Miami in mid-May. The three-day conference, sponsored by LifeWay International, allowed leaders to introduce new Spanish ministry resources to consultants and distributors from all over the Americas.

"Churches are often very small and lack formal theological education, discipleship education and resources. That's why our international department not only provides resources but also training," said Chris Turner, Media Relations Manager for LifeWay.

In 2004, LifeWay International conducted 579 workshops, trained 42,595 pastors and lay leaders in 4,337 churches in 28 countries.

The seminar brought the consultants up to speed with the latest Spanish resources.

Some of the new resources included the 2005 Vacation Bible School curriculum "Ramblin’ Road Trip," Robert Magee’s "The Search for Significance," Beth Moore’s "Believing God," and Gary Chapman’s "The Love Languages of God."

Resources that have made a significant impact, according to LifeWay include the Moore Bible Studies.

This is a "multiplying ministry" that equips churches to share their faith without fear, said Turner.

Spanish resources are one of the fastest growing materials in the United States, according to International Senior Vice President Luis Aranguren in a statement released by LifeWay.

"We have seen more Spanish resources produced at LifeWay in the past two years, said Aranguren, [and it] has taken us to another level within the Spanish-speaking market," he said.

Turner said that it is a blessing to share the resources of the affluent American evangelicals.

"We, as the evangelical church in America, have significant resources, and we should not horde for ourselves but bless the people of the world," adding that to do so would only "enrich the Body and deepen the overall faith," said Turner.