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iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 Leaked Photos; Release Date Rumored to Be October 15

  • Image courtesy of WeiPhone
    Photo of the iPad Mini 2 rear shell
By Amanda Gigliotti , Christian Post Correspondent
September 29, 2013|4:19 pm

As the release date for the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 draws near, leaked photos continue to surface that show the two devices in numerous exciting new colors such as silver, gold and space gray - following on from the colors presented in the newly unveiled iPhone 5S a few weeks back.

Photos of the second-generation iPad from the Chinese website WeiPhone show the rear panel of the device across a number of angles. The shell looks similar to the current iPad Mini's and its back has a blue Apple logo in addition to the word "iPad."

Another Chinese website Pad Zol shows photos of what it claims is a gold, or "champagne" colored iPad Mini - which has been the most popular new color unveiled recently in the iPhone 5S. The image also shows the device with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which was also featured in the latest generation iPhone.

Other images come from Sonny Dickson, the Australian teen who has become an Internet sensation for leaking accurate details of Apple's upcoming products. Dickson has released photos showing a "space gray" version of the iPad Mini 2.

Dickson has also revealed photos, through his website, of the iPad 5 in both space grey and the typical silver color.

Other images have appeared showing both the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2 in space gray coming from the parts dealers at SW-Box.

The second-generation iPad Mini and the iPad 5 are rumoured to be released on Oct. 15 during an Apple media event.

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