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iPhone App 'Bible Audio Pronunciations' Expands Word Library (VIDEO)

iPhone App 'Bible Audio Pronunciations' Expands Word Library (VIDEO)

The iPhone App "Bible Audio Pronunciations" has now expanded its biblical word library from 1,000 words to 2,400 words.

The app will now come with every proper noun in the Bible. This comes out to approximately 7,000 words. The 2,400 audio clips were carefully researched and recorded throughout the development process for the update. Users of the app will now have little difficulty deciphering the exact way to say a biblical phrase.

The Bible Audio Pronunciations app plays audio recordings of Bible terms that may be hard to pronounce. Difficult words, such as Apharsathcite and Bescaspasmys, are some of the featured terms that appear on this app.

A press release for Bible Audio Pronunciations detailed each of the app's features:

- 2,400 audio recordings – Users can hear spoken pronunciations for a wide range of Bible words and names, including important church and historical leaders
- Search or browse for words – After locating the term, users can tap it to hear a recording read aloud
- Carefully researched and recorded – Clear audio recordings allow users to quickly find answers to their pronunciation questions
- Continually updated – New words and pronunciations will be added on a regular basis until every proper noun in the Bible is recorded
- Additional research tools – Links to Google and Wikipedia within the app direct readers to more information about the Bible words

The added portability of the iPhone and iPad devices will allow users of the app to use it at home, the church or with friends and family. This app can be found on current iterations of the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. It will be compatible with Apple's iOS 3.2 or later and comes out to a hard drive size of 15.5 MB.

Android device users will get to download the app in the coming months. The app is set to be released for Android in 2012.

Bible Audio Pronunciations can now be found on the Apple App Store for $1.99. A "Lite" version of the app can be downloaded for free, which comes with a total of 400 words.

Kevin McNeese of spoke very positively of the app. "The app is a fantastic learning tool, reference for personal study and would also be a lot of fun with friends to see who can pronounce words the best," he said. "It's apps like this that make my iPhone an incredible resource that assists in Biblical study. For what this app does, I can't rate it any lower than 5-stars!"

The embedded video below gives a brief demo of the app and its features:



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