Justice Ginsburg Expects New High Court 'Soon'

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested Friday that the nation may "soon" have to welcome a new justice, prompting widespread speculation over whether she is considering to resign in the near future.

The generally liberal judge, who turned 76 on Sunday, made the suggestion in Boston at her first public appearance since undergoing surgery last month for pancreatic cancer.

When asked by a New England School of Law student how the high court's dynamic changes when a new member joins the court, Ginsburg shared how the first order of duty is to take a photograph.

"We take a photo only when a new member comes on board," she said.

Shortly thereafter, Ginsburg said, "We haven't had any photos for some time. But surely we will soon."

Though Ginsburg had stated in an interview last week that she wants to remain on the Supreme Court for several more years, Friday's comment set off a flurry of posts throughout the blogosphere.

Other justices considered the most likely to step down soonest are Justice John Paul Stevens, 88, and Justice David Souter, 69, both of whom are considered to be on the liberal side of the court.