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Kate Middleton Pregnant? Source Claims Duchess Conceived Following Olympics (Photos)

By Jim Gardner , Christian Post Contributor
September 5, 2012|12:19 pm

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been reported to be pregnant with her first child. The unconfirmed reports have not been verified by the Royal Family in Britain, but speculation has surrounding the duchess wanting to get pregnant for some time now.

Numerous reports have claimed that she and husband Prince William were trying to conceive before the end of the year.

"William and Kate are putting all their effort into having a baby. They would love to be expecting by the end of the year," a member of the royal couple's social circle reportedly told Life & Style magazine.

"[Kate] just wants to hide away in Wales- out of the glare and the spotlight- and get on with producing the future king or queen of England," the insider added.

The news follows reports that both Middleton and Prince William, both at age 30, have even begun selecting baby names.

"If it's a girl her middle names will be Elizabeth after Will's grandmother and Diana after his mother," a source told Now U.K.

Meanwhile on Wednesday a source has emerged to claim that Kate is already pregnant and that an official statement to that affect will be forthcoming in the coming days or weeks.

"Friends say Kate is convinced it's happened, and while she and William are keeping the news close to the vest, they're delirious with joy," a source told Star magazine.

"A woman can always tell when the earliest signs appear, and it's believe that a passionate night together at their rented country house on an estate in Wales, just after the end of the London Olympics, did the trick," the insider added.

The couple is said to be holding off making a formal announcement until later due to the early stage of the pregnancy right now.

"It would be formally through the palace press office, but only after the royal gynecologist is absolutely convinced that Kate is in peak condition," the source said.

Here are photos of Kate Middleton since her rise to the international spotlight since last April's famous Royal wedding.

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