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    Reality TV star Kim Kardashian models a 22 karat princess cut diamond ring during the launch of the Michael Hill Jeweller's Ultimate Engagement Ring Search for the World's Best Couple in Toronto October 18, 2010. Couples will compete in a range of online challenges with the winning couple receiving the engagement ring as their prize.
By Allison Summers, Christian Post Reporter
October 31, 2011|3:23 pm

The recent announcement Monday morning that socialite and reality television star Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from basketball star Kris Humphries only 72 days after a lavish, fairytale-style wedding has the public anything but shocked, it appears.

"This doesnt surprise me at all," wrote one reader on People.com's website. "Famous people think marriage is just something you do when you are bored."

"I am saddened at how people make such a mockery of marriage," said another reader. "Marriage is sacred and not to be entered into lightly (as the vows say) yet people do it every day and then they divorce and go on like it's no big deal. This whole family is nothing but a disaster and I for the life of me cannot understand why they are such a big deal."

After a six-month courtship, Humphries proposed to Kardashian on her family's well-known reality show, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," and the couple was married shortly after in a lavish ceremony that reportedly cost $20 million. Throughout the courtship, proposal and wedding, which was broadcast as a two-part special on the E! channel, the media speculated that the relationship was a ploy by the show's executives to keep the show current and improve ratings. In the months leading up to and following the wedding, it became apparent that trouble was brewing in the relationship, as both Kardashian and Humphries were spotted often apart and without their wedding rings.

Twitter users have taken to the popular social networking website to mock the seemingly staged relationship that the public feels was destined for failure.

"#ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage" has become the second most popular trending topic on the site.

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"My Android battery life," listed one user. "We all know that's not long at all."

"Ryan Seacrest's height," listed another.

Amidst the public mockery of the failed marriage, hip-hop mogul and close friend of Kardashian, Russell Simmons, took to Twitter to offer his sympathy and well wishes for his friend.

"I hope the best for my friend Kim Kardashian and wish she finds peace and happiness," he tweeted.