Friday, Oct 28, 2016

Arizona Wallow Fire Scorches 400000 Acres: Satellite Photos

  • NASA JPL 7 June 2011
    NASA's MISR (multi-angle imaging spectroRadiometer) took this image on the Wallow and Horseshoe 2 fires in Arizona. The fire has burned approximately 400,000 acres of land to which more than 2,000 people are working to contain the fire.
By Simon Saavedra , Christian Post Correspondent
June 9, 2011|6:20 pm

NASA has recently released a series of satellite images on the raging Wallow fire that has scorched more than 390,000 acres in the state of Arizona.

As of Thursday, June 9 there are still no signs of containment for the fire that has caused evacuations in the cities of Alpine, Eager, Greer, Nutrioso, Sunrise and Springerville.

More than 2,000 people are reportedly helping control the fire whose smoke has reached as far as Canada according to KVOA.com.

The following is a gallery of satellite Wallow fire images released by NASA this week.

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