By Christian Ver Marcelo , CP Contributor
September 22, 2016|11:58 pm

Left 4 DeadValveAn image from Valve's "Left 4 Dead"

It has been quite a while now since the last "Left 4 Dead" installment was released, and fans have been clamoring for the third chapter of the franchise. The game publisher has remained mum about any update, so the rumor mill took it upon itself to leak details about the upcoming "Left 4 Dead 3."

'Left 4 Dead 2' Mods

Valve, the company behind the development and publication of the "Left 4 Dead" franchise, has not said a single word about the third entry of the beloved video game. "Left 4 Dead 2" was released way back in 2009, which was notably only a year after the introduction of the original game.

Some fans have taken this absence of news as a really bad omen for the "Left 4 Dead 3". It looked largely like the cooperative first person shooter game was having a bleak future upon seeing the light of day. Some have just opted to play the different mods available on "Left 4 Dead 2" to keep them occupied while the wait still stands.

One noteworthy mod for the "Left 4 Dead 2" is the Back to School mod. It was received well by reviewers and was praised for having quite the best graphics in the entire series. It contains seven levels which players can separately download. On visual aesthetics alone, this mod is highly on par with the original game it is based on.

'Left 4 Dead 3' Updates and Rumors

While Valve continues to shut off its doors regarding "Left 4 Dead 3" updates, a rumor has revealed some interesting details regarding the upcoming game. First, the leak confirmed that Valve has been actually developing "Left 4 Dead 3", so fans can still have their hopes up. Second, the horror game will feature at least four protagonist characters in its roster. These characters would be Irvin, Katherine, Garrett Jr., and Keenan.

"Left 4 Dead 3" will also be featuring six campaigns to complete the entire game. The leak suggested that the supposed campaigns for "Left 4 Dead 3" would include Early Destination, No Mercy, Crashland, Impasse, Cliff Hanger and Inquisitor.

As for the gameplay itself, Valve is not expected to stray too far from what it already established with the first two "Left 4 Dead" games. Sticking to its fast-paced and brutal action formula was what triggered its momentum the first and second time, so tipping it off may lead to a decline in reception from its fan base. However, improvements are very much welcome.

While there are still no confirmed release dates or formal details, "Left 4 Dead 3" is expected to come with new technologies. This includes support for PlayStation VR as the horror game would truly maximize the rendered immersive experience from the console. "Left 4 Dead 3" will also most likely include improved graphics and an overall upgrade to the game performance.

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