By Mariel Peralta , CP Contributor
September 22, 2016|5:06 am

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 is having another battery issue, which everyone thought was already resolved.

Microsoft released a firmware update to address a battery-related issue in August. However, that fix has resulted in another battery issue and this time, the issue is connected to LGC batteries for the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Battery Issues within Battery Issues
Microsoft has been sourcing their Surface Pro 3 batteries from Simplo and LGC, according to Yahoo. These two brands have been causing several battery issues for the device one after the ire much to the ire of Surface Pro 3 users.

The initial issue was that the Simplo Surface Pro 3 batteries disabled the device from being fully charged when plugged. The laptop would turn off when the battery level of the device would be at 20 percent. Additionally, there have been complaints from other customers that their Surface Pro 3 would immediately shut down after being unplugged.

The cause of it was a software error. Due to this, the device firmware and the operating system caused the charging capacity of the battery to be programmed under the maximum charging capacity. This only applied to batteries from Simplo. To fix this, Microsoft allegedly rolled out a firmware update earlier this August and this has resolved the issue says the company.

This time, the Surface Pro 3 is facing another issue in the form of the batteries from LGC. According to the complaint posted on Microsoft's Community Forum, their Surface Pro 3 device with LG batteries doesn't charge when they are plugged in. It only displayed that the device is plugged in, but not charging and when it is taken off the power supply, the device shuts down instantly.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 New LGC Battery Issue Caused by Simplo Fix?
Ars Technica points out that the LG battery issues may have started due to the Simplo firmware update. It explained that the Surface Pro 3 battery issues have become more widespread since the fix was rolled out a few months ago.

The outlet adds that Microsoft has been slow to respond to the Surface Pro 3 battery issues and this caused a lot of customers to be upset. A Microsoft MVP told the complainant on the forum that the issue they posted is a different one. They sent the issue to the engineering team but so far, there has been no response from Microsoft yet.