Ministry Distributes 300 Millionth ‘Book of Hope’ in Brazil

An Assemblies of God ministry that distributes Scriptural storybooks for children hit a milestone last week, 18 years after beginning the international venture to get the Word of God into the hands of children and youth around the world.

During a weeklong fiesta in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Florida-based Book of Hope celebrated the distribution of the 300 millionth copy of the Book of Hope – a milestone that means that the number of children and youth who have received the Book of Hope exceeds the total population of the United States.

“We could never have foreseen this exciting milestone when we began distributing Scripture books to kids 18 years ago,” said Rob Hoskins, Book of Hope CEO and son of Book of Hope founder Bob Hoskins. “But God has blessed us with amazing resources and an established world-wide network of national distribution teams.”

In 1987, Bob Hoskins was asked by the Minister of Education in El Salvador to provide bibles to the country's 986,000 school children.

The result was the "Book of Hope," a Scripture book that combines the four gospels in the Bible and puts them in chronological order, making it easy for kids to read.

Since then the "Book of Hope" has been distributed worldwide in more than 65 languages and dialects. It also comes in a variety of age-appropriate formats, which are culturally and emotionally relevant.