More Grandparents Get Involved with Home Schooling

Such a large number of grandparents are getting involved with their grandchildren’s education at home, that a major home school association may add a “grandparents track” as a part of their workshop next year.

“[We’re] possibly adding a multi-generational or grandparents track next year,” said Don Stroud, the Director of Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas (CHEACT).

The new multi-generational tracks are just one of many ideas that were presented at the CHEACT home Educators Conference and Book Fair, held at the Palmer Events Center, Austin, Texas last month.

According to Stroud, the 18th annual conference, sponsored by the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) and Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), was designed to encourage and equip parents to disciple their children to love the Lord.

Out of over 25 workshops and keynotes featured, CHEACT emphasized two workshop tracks this year: a high school track for college preparation and a track for educating Special Needs Children (SNC) at home.

“As for the high school track, one of the highlights was seeing 12, 13, 14 year olds become excited about public speaking and debate after participating in workshops led by the Austin Rhetoric Club,” Stroud explained. “This is yet another resource that will help us train up a generation of believers who can clearly articulate their faith with compelling civility and humility."

The SNC track akso drew a steady stream of parents who received encouragement as well as tips for choosing and modifying the curriculum.

Overall, Stroud said he sees more and more parents realizing that they must be responsible for the education of their children.

“A rapidly increasing number of parents are realizing that the experiment in relinquishing that authority and abdicating that responsibility to government, private or even Christian schools is an abysmal failure,” said Stroud.

Which explains why, Stroud says, a significant number of granparents are helping teach children at home.