NAE General Council Takes Up Social, Ecumenical Issues at Semi-Annual Meeting

The National Association of Evangelicals began its semi-annual General Council meeting Thursday in Dallas, Texas, with a long list of social and ecumenical topics to discuss from an “evangelical perspective.”

According to Kyle Fisk, Executive Administrator of the NAE, the board members will vote on resolutions concerned with the next generation of Evangelical leaders, mainline denominations, the issue of immigration, and military religious freedom.

The wide-ranging list of topics is consistent with the alliance’s recent focus on holistic mission. Last year, the group, which represents 30 million evangelicals in the nation, released a landmark document calling for greater “political and social action” among its members. The “For the Health of the Nation” document touched on issues involving religious freedom, poverty, war, the sanctity of human life, gay marriages, and “creation care.”

While the NAE has stayed on course for most of these topics, it took a step back from creation care when it refrained from supporting the Evangelical Climate Initiative last month.

The initiative, whose signatories included dozens of NAE board members and stakeholders, is likely to come up at the Dallas conference, though, according to Fisk, “there is nothing planned in terms of decisions.”

Board members will vote on the resolutions Friday and will also hear financial reports from the executive committee. Both the resolutions and the financial reports will become public later in the day.

The board, which meets every March and October, is the general council of the NAE and acts as the main representative body for the Alliance. About 70 of the 120 NAE board members are in attendance.