Nairobi on High Terror Alert

Nairobi was on a high state of alert yesterday following a warning by the US Embassy of a new terrorist threat.

Nairobi on High Terror Alert

And two buildings in the Central Business District were evacuated when anonymous callers warned of bombs. The warnings turned out to be a hoax.

The new fears come ahead of a visit by the US Health Secretary Mr Tommy Thompson to Nairobi later in the week.

Barclays Plaza was evacuated for four hours after the KLM airline office received a phone call saying there was a bomb in the building, Mr Patrick Kinyua, the head of security for the building, said.

Until recently, the building housed the US Embassy Public Affairs office.

And a Barclays branch office, also in the CBD, was also evacuated for several hours when the manager received a similar threat.

The Minister for Tourism and Information, Mr Raphael Tuju, confirmed the Government had received information about a threat to two downtown hotels in Nairobi.

"We are evaluating it and taking the necessary action," he said. Tuju said it would not be appropriate to comment further. "We have had similar kind of warnings in the past but I don