NCC: Da Vinci Distortions Shed Light on Social Ills

WASHINGTON – The falsities in the ‘Da Vinci Code’ shed light on other real-life issues that contradict the Gospel of Jesus Christ, such as poverty, racial and economic injustices, and war, according to the National Council of Churches.

The Council is widely known for criticizing the Bush administration’s spending priorities, protesting the war in Iraq, and ministering to societal ills. Not surprisingly, as evangelical churches debunked the theology and history behind Dan Brown’s novel, the ecumenical body addressed broader concerns related to peace and justice.

“Too often it is those issues that have far-reaching affects on people’s lives, and their faith, but they go without any word of protest or rebuttal—issues like war, poverty, racial and economic injustice, the devastation experienced after hurricanes and tsunamis and the negative impact of global climate change, to name a few,” the May 19 statement read.

The Church teaches that Jesus "fed the hungry ... healed the sick and preached good news to the poor (Luke 4:18-19). He cared for creation and called us to stand up for peace and justice in the world,” it continued.

At that light, the Council called on Christians to "uncover distortions of biblical truths not only in entertainment but in politics and actions perpetuated in our society every day.”

“We will not be diverted from the gospel imperative to care for creation, do justice and work for peace regardless of what the distractions of current culture may offer,” it wrote.