NCC Special Christmas Service Schedule Announced

The annual National Council of Churches (NCC)-related Christmas Eve service has been scheduled to air 1:30 a.m. EST on December 25 on ABC-affiliate WSB-TV. The sermon, delivered by Bishop J. Neil Alexander at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Philip, in Atlanta, Georgia, is open to the public.

The annual broadcast from the Atlanta cathedral had carried on live on WSB-TV for more than three decades, and is produced by the Episcopal Media Center.

In addition to Bishop Alexander’s sermon, entitled, “How Far Is It to Bethlehem,” the service will feature a celebration of the Holy Communion by the cathedral’s dean, the Rev. Samuel G. Candler. The Cathedral Choir will also perform classical Christmas anthems, such as by Willan, Dirksen, Hassler, Carter, Davis and Sowerby. Hymns will include a variety of traditional Christmas carols, and will be directed by Bruce Neswick, the cathedral's canon musician.

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