New Book Studies Health-Faith Connection in Overcoming Cancer

Is there a connection between faith and health? Can prayer, worship, and service to others influence health? Can cancer be conquered with Bible Study?

Historically, science has dismissed the connection between faith and health. Today, however, an increasing number of studies are showing that spiritual practices not only influence illness -- they heal it.

“We are now witnessing the uniting of science and spirit, the combination of body, mind, and soul, to reveal the stunning effects of faith on both physical and emotional health,” said Greg Anderson, the author of The Cancer Conqueror and the founder of Cancer Recovery Foundation of America (CRFA).

In 1984, Anderson was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer and was given only 30 days to live. However, by making changes in his diet, way of thinking, and spiritual life, Anderson conquered the deadly illness and has since then devoted his life helping others do the same.

He wrote the secrets of that battle in his new book, The Cancer Conqueror with Bible Study -- a revised version of Anderson's 1.5 million copy international bestseller, The Cancer Conqueror - to address the critical health-faith connection in overcoming cancer.

The Cancer Conqueror with Bible Study serves as a guide to cancer patients and support networks of the Judeo-Christian faith. The book is currently available only through the Cancer Recovery Foundation website at