New Candle Emits Fragrance of Jesus Christ

What does Jesus Christ smell like? A new candle called "His Essence" was created with an aroma that is supposed to smell like Jesus Christ.

Two devout Christians, Bob and Karen Tosterud, derived the essence of the aroma from the Bible, where they learned that when the Messiah returns, his garments will smell like myrrh, aloe and cassia. Curious of the resulting smell, they had the combination of the three fragrances made into a candle.

After being put on the market, the demand for the new fragrant candle greatly grew with some even being placed on the waiting list.

The scent is said to give a "warm, fuzzy" feeling that all people, not only religious ones, would enjoy.

His Essence burns for 80 hours and consumers can be placed on the waiting list at Interiors Plus in Waseca.