New Film on PBS Engages Viewers in a Biblical Journey

A visual documentary on the Bible will be aired on PBS on Jan. 4, 2006, to take its viewers on a journey from the home of Moses to the Garden of Eden.

Filmed in some of the world’s most dangerous locations, “Walking the Bible” covers 10,000 miles of ground through four war zones. Scripture is quoted alongside locales in nations like Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq, to show the historicity of the Bible.

“Walking the Bible is probably the most highly visual documentary ever produced today on the Bible,” said Executive Producer Drew Levin.

Ninety-four percent of Americans say they have the Bible in their home, but only 38 percent of all adults read the Bible. And it is even rarer that people would be able to visit the lands that the Bible speaks of because of security reasons.

The film, in high definition quality, will take audiences to a Turkish town where Muslims believe Moses was born to the Euphrates River, where the “cradle of civilization began” according to history books or where the Bible says the Garden of Eden was located. The visual journey also includes a trip to the bottom of the Dead Sea where all the salt mines are located and where the Bible says the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah took place. It will showcase places where villagers still speak the ancient Jewish language of Aramaic, and where Muslims can be heard reviewing the story of Noah’s ark.

While the film will edify believers’ faith, Levin expects it may also quench any nonbelievers’ curiosity about the facts of the Bible.

“I think it’ll give those who do already believe, a tremendous sense of belonging in that this is a tradition that has gone on for thousand years, and they’ll see that what they read in the Bible every day exists,” said Levin.

Produced by TMC Entertainment, the film was based on the New York Times bestselling Bruce Feiler novel by the same name, and will only walk through the Bible to the end of the five books of Moses. A second segment, which must still be produced, will walk through the New Testament into Revelations.

PBS will air the travels on three consecutive Wednesdays – Jan. 4, 11, and 18 – at 8:00 p.m. (local time).

In making the movie, Levin said the film is “the greatest experience from the greatest story ever told.”