New Website Provides Abortion Education with a Pro-Life Message

A new pro-life website has been launched to educate the public about abortion and motivate youth to take a stand with the pro-life movement.

Loxafamosity Ministries, Inc., a non-profit Christian education corporation located in Burbank, CA, began the project in January 2005. Recognizing the need to better represent the pro-life movement in order to reach today’s youth, the website provides a wealth of information about abortion in a professional and savvy presentation. conveys a pro-life message while educating visitors, using articles as well as audio, video, and visual resources to examine the biological, political, social, and philosophical aspects of abortion.

With a focus on today’s youth, the website aims “to cut through the skewed rhetoric of a broadly “pro-choice” culture by presenting young people with the conclusive evidence that abortion is a massive injustice, one which has and continues to systematically destroy the most innocent and helpless members of the human race.”

Already, many visitors to the site have responded with comments on how it has changed their minds about abortion.

One 21-year old woman from Gary, IN said, “(After visiting I have chosen to keep my baby...I thought abortion would be the right choice, but I was wrong. Thank you for helping me change my mind.”

Organizers of the Abort73 project hope that youth will be inspired to spread the word and reinforce the pro-life movement. People in 25 states have purchased Abort73 Gear and the site receives heavy traffic each day. With growing emphasis on online resources and communication, pro-life groups expect the website to be a major force in strengthening the pro-life movement.