By Mariel Peralta , CP Contributor
September 23, 2016|2:45 am

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Not much is known about the Nintendo NX so far, but a staunch supporter has expressed how "different" it will be from other gaming console systems.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillermot is hyping the Nintendo NX by expressing his excitement for it. It has long been rumored that the console device will be a hybrid system that is unlike any other gaming devices out in the market due to its rumored interchangeable pads and 2-in-1 device capability.

Ubisoft CEO Explains Why Nintendo NX is to Look Out For
Nintendo NX is the upcoming console from Nintendo and it is highly praised by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. In an interview with IGN, he explained that the Nintendo NX is "attractive" and that it offers new features unseen before in console systems today that people of all ages will enjoy.

It isn't the first time for Guillemot to praise the Nintendo NX. He said earlier this year during a Ubisoft presentation that the device offers a "new approach" to gaming and that they love it, Gamespot reported. When pressed for details about the NX, Guillemot didn't offer anything new other than saying good things about the device.

Nintendo NX Might Create New Game Genre
During the interview, Guillemot stated that the Nintendo NX allows more creative freedom for developers which allows for more risk-taking, Tech Radar noted. Ubisoft has created a "Just Dance" title for the NX and Guillemot adds that the company is working on others as well.

Since the Nintendo NX is a new console, Guillemot says that creating a new game genre might be a possibility. This could mean that Ubisoft is creating something unique for Nintendo NX and other developers may follow suit.

Nintendo NX Specs, Features, Rumors, Release Date
The Nintendo NX is scheduled to come out on March 2017, but there hasn't been any official announcement about the console by the company. For its mystery and hype, several rumors of the console are swirling on the internet and it looks like the Nintendo NX will have an Nvidia Tegra X2 chip, PC Advisor reported.

According to the outlet, the Nintendo NX will feature a console design that allows a handheld controller to be detached from the main system. The docking station will be connected to the living room while the handheld can be played together with it or separately. Furthermore, the NX will use cartridges that aren't disks and will have its own operating system.