Nominees For Radio Station of the Year

During the 35th Annual Dove Awards which will be held this April 28th, the winner of this year's GMA/NCRS Radio Station of the Year will be acknowledged and awarded.

Here are list of nominees for the 2004 GMA/NCRS Radio Station of the Year:

KLTY - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX - John Peroyea, Station Mgr.
KSBJ - Houston, TX - Tim McDermott, Station Mgr.
WFSH - Atlanta, GA - Allen Power, Station Mgr.

KXOJ - Tulsa, OK - David Stephens, Station Mgr.
WAYF - West Palm Beach, FL - Mike West, Station Mgr.
WRCM - Charlotte, NC - Joe Paulo, Station Mgr.

KDUV - Fresno, CA - Robert Croft, Station Mgr.
WCQR - Johnson City, TN - Mike Perry, Station Mgr.
WJIS - Sarasota, FL - Jeff MacFarlane, Station Mgr.

KLRC - Fayetteville, AR - Sean Sawatzky, Station Mgr.
KSWP - Lufkin, TX - Dwyan Calvert, Station Mgr.
WBGL - Champaign, IL - Chuck Pryor, Station Mgr.

The winners in each market category will be determined by a panel of judges who review the following areas - community involvement, ratings, air-check and industry leadership.