Now More Than Ever...Worship From Joann Rosario

Verity Records recording artist Joann Rosario is back with her long-awaited sophomore project Now More Than Ever…Worship, which released to stores yesterday, July 12. Losing the function of both her speaking and singing voice due to nodules on her vocal chords in 2003, Now More Than Ever…Worship is, “a powerful testimony of healing, faith, and victory,” and is Rosario’s first album since regaining the use of her voice, according to a press release.

“Let this album be a testimony of God’s healing power today,” said Rosario. “he took me through this time as a walk of faith. I learned that my worship is not just in song. I had to rest on God and wait for Him to call on me to do His will.”

Featuring contributions from noted producers such as Fred Hammond, Alex Ward, Michael-Anthony Taylor and Donald Lawrence, Now More Than Ever…Worship is an eclectic blend of musical styles ranging from sweeping, moving ballads to the flamenco-inspired opening track “Never The Same.”

“Worship is about relationship with God and is not dependent on a beat or certain tempo of a song,” explains Rosario. “It’s all about the feeling you get from a song…the emotion that pulls you in. Worship comes in many different ways…you can look up at a tree and begin to appreciate God and find yourself in His presence.”

On the other end of the stylistic spectrum is the emotional “With All My Heart,” a recording which in itself discloses a testimony.

“When I first tried to record this song it was the worst studio session of my life,” said Rosario. “It was the first time I sensed trouble with my voice and I just got through the song. It is a huge victory for me to re-record this song when the devil kept saying I would never sing again!”

Also featured on Now More Than Ever…Worship is a bonus track “Cuando Reposo En Ti” – a live track that was one of the last recordings Joann was able to finish before she lost her voice completely.

“It was one of the best recordings I’ve done to date,” said Rosario. “There was an amazing presence of God that was incredible that night…there was a combustion of anointing and worship with the live crowd that is impossible to replicate in a studio. I think it’s one of those songs that really represents me as a minister…to show who I am as a person, as a worshipper…at my church on Sunday mornings.”

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