Overcoming Boundaries to Share Hope

In the midst of a beautiful, remote valley in East Asia are thousands of people who have never heard the Gospel. Share the Noise, a project of East-West Ministries surrounds these people with the message of hope in Christ along with badly needed health education. The vast majority of these people are ethnic minorities that are oral learning communities who largely ignore the developments of mass media. Share the Noise is using MT4 players, called "mobile schools", to send the gospel message to these remote, oral cultures.

The "mobile school" technology is allowing the gospel to expand in this closed region. Oral learners are able to gather around the MT4 player in a hut, under a tree, by a well, or in the village center. As a small group, they listen, discuss and respond to the audio training that is developed by local, respected leaders, and delivered in their own language. When the people are done with it, the mobile school can be passed to another village, and the effect increases exponentially over time.

The teaching and messages that are sent out on mobile schools are related to two different areas of need in local communities: faith and health. Share the Noise is seeking to improve health and life expectancy by sending out needed teaching about sanitation, nutrition, and infectious diseases. Most importantly, through the mobile schools, the Good News of Christ is shared through parables, songs, stories, and poems.

Share the Noise is putting hundreds of mobile schools into the hands of local believers and sending them off into the nearby villages and towns of unreached people groups. The believers are empowered to provide spiritual and physical healing to their neighbors. Through mobile schools, Share the Noise is overcoming the boundaries of illiteracy and remote access in a spiritually dark region of East Asia.

East-West Ministries exists to glorify God by evangelizing and equipping nationals to establish grace-oriented churches. The ministry is focused in areas of the world where less than 2% of the population know Jesus. Visit us at www.eastwest.org