Pastors Say Abortion Is Destroying Black Community

On August 20, 2004, a group of African American pastors headed to the White House asking the Bush Administration to help educate the public about genocidal aspects of the pro-abortion movement.

Arguing that more than 500,000 African American babies are aborted each year, Pastor Luke Robinson of Quinn Chapel A.M.E Church in Fredrick, Maryland along with many other pastors and ministers are sending to president Bush a message of how abortion is destroying the African-American community.

"We make up 12 percent of the population," he says, "and 34 percent of all those babies aborted are African American. Those numbers are devastating to us," pastor Robinson says.

Pastor Robinson indicates that the American public needs to know about the declining trend in black population and it is time to do something about it. He also explains that most people have no idea that abortion is the number-one killer of African Americans in the United States.

"We find that the Hispanic birthrate is about 3.2, the white birthrate is about 2.2, and I think the African American birthrate is 0.9; which means the Hispanic community is tripling itself, the whites are doubling themselves, and the African American community are not even replacing themselves," he says.