PCA Campus Fellowship Makes Presentation at General Assembly

"[Reformed University Fellowship] doesn't exist as an end to itself but it is a means to an end," said the coordinator for the campus fellowship arm of Presbyterian Churches of America. "It is about seeing the church grow."

"We have probably 20,000 this year who are going to graduate and come into your churches," Rod Mays stated in presenting the campus ministry at the denomination's General Assembly from June 14-17, at Chattanooga, Tenn.

During the presentation, a professor, a pastor, and two parents spoke about the difference Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) made in their lives and the lives of the students.

Mays first introduced Steve Malone, who grew his faith after coming to RUF and planted a church. Malone talked about four points: Bible, Jesus, Church, and Kingdom, which RUF drilled into his mind.

"Just tell people those four things: Bible, Jesus, Church, Kingdom," said Malone, who is now a pastor. "That's all they taught, over and over again, and it just got down into my soul.”

Providing a point of view as a professor on campus was David Wooder, who is also a PCA elder. Wooder relayed that the campus fellowship is the "best way" to strengthen the church.

Quoting George McDonnell, who 150 years ago wrote, "life and religion are one, or neither is anything," Wooder pointed out the necessity to provide students with the Christian worldview.

"Where do you send the student whose English professor has just told him that the Bible is just another text, full of patriarchal prejudices and suitable for post-modern deconstruction," Wooder asked.

Finally, a pair of parents spoke about the positive impact of RUF on their three children, who all joined the fellowship while in college.

Miles Gresham said of his own two sons who've graduated, “What I'm seeing there are future leaders, young men who understand the times and are committed to living out the gospel.”

Gresham's sons went on to join the local church “immediately” after graduation, he added.

Mrs. Gresham thanked the PCA assembly for “the vision” to take the church to the college campus.

“We are so encouraged about the future of the church, as his young men and women, as a people, become mature,” she said. “May it continue to spread to campuses all across the nation.”

Currently, Reformed University Fellowship has a presence on 100 campuses, and this fall, they will expand to Mexico and Canada.