Poll: Sharing Christ this Christmas

Churches are adding extra worship services for the Christmas holiday to draw Christians and unchurched friends to hear the message of Jesus Christ.

Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Ill., added two extra days of services to its typical two-day weekend of worship and additional night services for the Christmas celebration. Pageants and musicals also highlight the near end of the year worship for churches throughout the country.

According to a recent poll by Mission Network News, the majority of the mission news agency’s respondents said they plan to do something to share Christ, including inviting people to special Christmas services.

The non-scientific survey asked web surfers what they will do to share Christ as Christmas approaches. Findings showed that 39 percent plan to send Christmas cards with a Christian message. Another 19 percent plan to invite friends and relatives to a Christmas program at their church.

On a less personal level, 11 percent will pass out seasonal tracks and 6 percent will be caroling at homes of the unsaved.

Meanwhile, 25 percent say they haven't really thought about it.

"If they're not thinking about it, it's probably because their churches aren't talking about it," said MNN's Anchor and Executive Director Greg Yoder. "If they're not talking about it, it may not be priority for them."

But 73 percent plan to do something.

"That's good news," noted Yoder. "Christmas is such a busy time of year for everyone; it's heartening to know believers are thinking about how they can talk to someone about Christ – the reason for the season."