Presbyterians Cross the Border to Rally for Justice

Some 200 members of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A crossed over the US-Mexico divide to seek justice for locals in search of their “lost” women.

According to PCnews, the Presbyterians joined 300 others from the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico and the Pasos de Fe Border Ministry on April 3 for a mid-day rally in Charmizal Park in Juarez, Mexico.

In the past 12 years, more than 400 Juarez women have turned up dead with 1,000 still missing. The “Save the Women” rally sought answers for the abductions, which have remained unsolved to date.

“It is now time for something to be done … so that these deaths will stop occurring,” Juarez resident Narveta Perez said through a translator while waiting for the rally to begin, PCnews reported. “I have two daughters, and they go to school, and I fear for them.”

“It’s a real ugly feeling when you hear that they have killed another woman,” Perez added. “I hope that God can offer a solution to this.”

Ultimately, the participants called on the Mexican government to “quickly apprehend and arrest those who are responsible for these crimes”, in a statement read in both English and Spanish.

The Rev. Jean Marie Peacock, the PC(USA) vice moderator, was among those in attendance.

“We care deeply that these crimes against women have gone unsolved,” said Peacock. “All of creation groans and cries for justice.”