Pro-Life Activists Urge President to Defend Life

Pro-life activists will gather in front of the White House on Thursday to urge President Bush to keep his promise that “unborn children should be welcomed in life and protected in law.”

Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, Reverend Patrick J. Mahoney, and activists from pro-life groups Generation Life and Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust will hold a prayer vigil and demonstration, with supporters from across the country flying in to show their solidarity for the sanctity of life.

Brandi Swindell, Generation Life’s National Director, described the purpose of Thursday’s demonstration.

“We are asking President Bush to protect the children of American from the horror and violence of abortion,” said Swindell. “I am coming to the White House from Boise, Idaho, to call upon President Bush to keep this promise and nominate a Supreme Court Justice who will honor the Constitution and protect America’s children.”

“Mr. President, do not fail this generation,” concluded Swindell.

With Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s announcement of retirement and several key issues set to be decided upon in the near future by the U.S. Supreme Court, groups on both sides have been putting pressure on President Bush.

The President holds a unique position with the possibility of two nominations to the Supreme Court; Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who is currently battling cancer, may also retire soon. Pro-life groups are pushing for a justice who opposes abortion.

“President Bush has an historic opportunity to help end violence against this generation by nominating a Supreme Court Justice who will affirm the dignity of life and the founding principles of our nation,” said Arianna Grumbine, spokesperson for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.

“The message of my generation is clear: Mr. President, work to bring an end to the senseless killing of innocent children through abortion.”

Reverend Mahoney reiterated Grumbine’s statement, saying, “The person that President Bush nominates to the Supreme Court will have a major impact on this current generation of young Americans.”

“This is a generation that has lost one third of its members through the violence of abortion,” continued Mahoney. “It is my prayer that the President will put forward a nominee who will respect the Constitution and will protect America’s greatest natural resource – her children.”

The prayer vigil and demonstration will begin at 11:00am on July 14 in front of the White House.