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Rebecca St. James Performs and Narrates 'The Friendly Beasts'

Rebecca St. James Performs and Narrates 'The Friendly Beasts'

Zondervan has released a traditional Christmas carol "The Friendly Beasts" now complete with narration and songs by Rebecca St. James.

The Grammy Award-winning singer accentuates the story's theme and also illuminates the lyrics of the traditional carol that goes along with the tale.

The beloved Christmas story follows the perspective of five different animals during the birth of Jesus Christ. Taking place in a beautiful nativity scene, the contributions of a cow, a sheep, a camel, donkey, and a dove are detailed.

The gifts from the loving and "friendly beasts" are sure to warm hearts and inspire children with powerful images of the biblical event.

"I really hope kids who listen to this song and read this book can picture and understand what was happening around Jesus when he was born," said St. James in a press release.

"It's such a beautiful scene with Mary, Joseph, and the animals surrounding Jesus, celebrating him. Along with the illustrations, I think the song, the words, and the book really give you that visual picture of what it was like when Jesus was born. It's a very beautiful, very heartwarming sight."

Illustrations for "The Friendly Beasts" are credited to Anna Vojtech, who has offered her vibrant work to many children's folk stories as well as stories about nature. The moving images will captivate young readers until the very end of the story.

All scripture quotations, unless otherwise specified, are taken from the Holy Bible. The books comes with a CD that includes four tracks performed by St. James: a musical rendition of "The Friendly Beasts," "Shine Your Glory Down," "Rebecca's Christmas Memories," and a spoken narration of "The Friendly Beasts."

"The Friendly Beasts" hits bookstands on Sept. 25.

Zondervan is a HarperCollins company and a leading Christian publishing brand. Zonderkidz is a division of Zondervan that focuses on kids under 16.


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