RUF's Summer Conference - Want To Know God?

Reformed University Fellowship is having their 2005 summer conference titled, "Want to know God?" in Panama Beach, Fl. Students will attend for an understanding of major issues and topics in their own Christian lives as well as for fellowship.

Popular 4-day seminars this year will include discussions of the church, such as: "The Doctrine of the Church," "Covenant Theology," "The Enduring Community: The Beauty and Frustration of the Church," and "Christian Apologetics."

The conference will also address topics on the road to purity, with such talks as: "Dating Seminar" and "Sanctification: On Not Being What You Should, While You Become What You Can't Imagine."

Participants will have a chance to apply Christian values through the seminars on "Evangelism" and "Prayer" as well.

"We expect to have over 1,000 students from over 70 colleges and universities during the course of the two weeks," said Karen Rose from RUF.

Meanwhile, students are also encouraged to attend one 2-day seminar, which includes taking a look at the sorority and fraternity scene in "Greek to Me," the placement of guilt in "Not Guilty." Other seminars answer students' questions on the future for a college graduate: "Free at Last...What to Expect in Those First Couple of Years after College," "Walking by the Will of God," Christian "Worldview," and "Missions."

At the Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Center in Panama Beach, Fl, students will convene for two weeks from May 9-21, and speakers will be Stuart Latimer, an Associate Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and Glenn Hoburg, who served as RUF Campus Minister at Harvard University. Students will also have time for various activities such as sports volleyball, basketball, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and jet-skiing.