Salvation Army, Christian Emergency Network Call for 'National Commitment Sunday'

The Salvation Army and the Christian Emergency Network (CEN) are calling upon Christians to join “National Commitment Sunday” on Sept. 18 as a reminder to remain focused and committed to helping Hurricane Katrina victims.

The two organizations hope that Christians can reconfirm their commitment to continue helping hurricane evacuees, including long-term aid.

“As our nation unites and bows before Almighty God in prayer this week for the victims and grieving families, let us also seek Him for unified strength and love to care for those afflicted from Hurricane Katrina in Biblical proportion,” said Todd Basset, U.S. Commissioner of Salvation Army, in a recently released statement. “We call upon each Christian to commit to what they will do or are already doing together as one Body of Christ on National Commitment Sunday, September 18.”

Mary Marr, CEN CEO, also called on Christians to unite together during relief efforts and to communicate with one another so that efforts are not duplicated. She expressed the importance of conveying God’s love and Christianity during this time of national tragedy.
“We need to unite according to Scripture, define the needs clearly, and respond to them biblically together with one voice, not many voices,” said Marr. “Currently, due to the scope and span of the disaster, a united understanding of what the Christian community is doing or will do is not clear. If we do not unite, the Lord’s name will not be lifted up. Christians need the favor of God for this hour.”

“National Commitment Sunday” falls on the same weekend as President Bush’s “National Day of Prayer and Remembrance,” on Friday, Sept.16.

“These events occurring together should help us focus on what we must first do – pray – so that we can have the discernment to show care and share our resources in a manner pleasing to God,” said Marr.

CEN is asking Christians to respond by email on National Commitment Sunday as to what the individual, church, ministry, or denomination has committed to do to help the hurricane victims. The information collected will help CEN partners to better coordinate relief efforts and communicate their plans to Christians.

Email response to “National Commitment Sunday” can be sent to