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Samsung Outsells Apple iPhone Two-to-One Thanks to Galaxy S3

Samsung Outsells Apple iPhone Two-to-One Thanks to Galaxy S3

Samsung's smartphone sales grew significantly this year, allowing the company to blast past Apple, doing double their iPhone numbers.

Early projections of Apple's iPhone sales fell short when the company reported its earnings earlier this month, selling just 26 million smartphones, while Samsung has managed to sell around 52 million.

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 sparked the company's sales, allowing it to outdo the competition, however, Apple is yet to have a major smarphone release this year so its lower sales can be attributed to customers waiting for the next-generation model.

Samsung on the other hand, has been doing everything it could to catch up to smartphone sales leaders such as Nokia, RIM, and Apple, and now it seems to have made itself the world's biggest handset maker. This year the company sold 5 times as many smartphones as Nokia, who only shipped 10.2 million in the second quarter of this year.

RIM fell way behind only selling around 7.2 million devices due to the declining popularity of its Blackberry smartphone.

Samsung has already shipped 10 million Galaxy S3 units and its Galaxy Note is still continuing to fly off the shelves so the company has shown no signs of slowing up. The Galaxy Note is also expected to be available on T-Mobile in the near future.

But a comparison to Apple will not be fair until the new iPhone is unveiled and released.

Samsung covers all ends of the market and this is what allows them to be in the number one position, while Apple tackles the high-end market with new devices and leaves its leftovers for the lower-end.

Both companies apply their own unique strategies, however, Samsung's seems to be working better and better each year.


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