Sisters in the Spirit to Launch with Black History Month

Sisters in the Spirit tour, one of the most uplifting and inspiring tours of 2005, launches on the first of February coinciding with "Black History Month." Some of gospel music's superstars such as Yolanda Adams, Martha Munizzi, and RiZen, joined by R&B/pop icon Kelly Price and Sisters in the Spirit Musical Director Sheila E will be performing. They are joined by Juanita Bynum also known as the "The Prophetess," whose sermons and books have inspired so many, and by health and fitness expert Donna Richardson Joyner who will be imparting her knowledge about health and exercise.

The tour is sponsored by Southwest Airlines and is promoted by Executive Producer Al Wash of ALW Entertainment who also promoted the highly successful "Hopeville" tour. "The purpose of the Sisters in the Spirit tour is to show the unity and strength of women today in gospel music. Most people's New Year resolution is to exercise and work out. That's why, during Black History Month, we use the theme 'Mind, Body and Soul' to make sure that people keep their resolutions. This combination of singers and ministry is the best of all the tours we have had under the Sisters in the Spirit banner," says Wash. Wash will have the assistance of gospel music veteran Kirk Franklin as stage advisor but, to everyone's dismay, will not be performing.

"The purpose of the Sisters in the Spirit tour is to give back a little bit, to think about YOU just for a day. As women take on a stronger role in leadership in both business, social and family decisions, we go through a period where we don't have time to congratulate or commend ourselves on our own accomplishments," said Juanita Bynum. There is no one particular headliner for the Sisters in the Spirit tour, in keeping with tradition, instead the focus will be on the spirit of sharing as each artist sings both solo and duets to the tune of Sheila E's musical direction. "Since this is the third time for this tour, it's always been my dream to have an all-women band. To me, who else is a perfect choice to direct the musical efforts of this tour than Sheila E," comments Al Wash. "Sheila E is the equivalent of Quincy Jones in terms of the breadth of musical knowledge she brings to the table. I also could not have chosen a better director for the various types of music this tour offers," adds Bynum.

The tour will commence at Columbus, OH on February 1 and will come to a conclusion in Austin, TX on March 6.