• international space station
    (Photo: Reuters/NASA/Handout)
    The International Space Station is seen against the Earth after undocking from the Space Shuttle Endeavour in this photo provided by NASA on May 29, 2011.
By Ariel R. Rey, Christian Post Reporter
July 3, 2011|11:44 pm

According to SpaceWeather.com, the International Space Sation, about as long as a football field, will be making a series of evening passes over the Unites States this Fourth of July.

The space station can be seen by anyone who knows where to look for it in the sky. For anyone looking where to find it, they may visit the following websites according to Space.com:

 Chris Peat's Heavens Above
NASA's SkyWatch

Anyone wishing to track the space station can check out www.n2yo.com.

Currently, the International Space Station is home to Satoshi Furukawa, Mike Fossum, Ron Garan, Alexander Samokutyaev, Sergei Volkov and Andrey Borisenko (Commander), all from different countries, including Japan, Russia and the United States.

NASA recently announced that it will be launching its final historic flight for the space shuttle program on July 8. Four astronauts are preparing for the flight to deliver supplies and spare parts to the space station. They were placed under quarantine on Friday to prevent illness and limit exposure to any harmful germs, NASA stated.

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The crew of the 12-day mission to the space station will arrive at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center launch site in Florida on July 4.

 According to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, NASA plans to focus on bigger projects such as sending humans to Mars.

Bolden hinted that two new NASA programs in the works will eventually "open up the entire solar system to us" during a luncheon at the National Press Club Friday.