Still very much the wretched of the earth

Bangalore, India., Jan. 30 - Twenty-two bishops and nearly 300 delegates from dioceses spread all over the four Southern states will descend on Bangalore to attend the four-day Synod meeting of the Church of South India (CSI), that began on January 10. The CSI runs 2000 schools, 130 colleges and 104 hospitals. More than 75 per cent of its 4 million members are Dalit Christians.

Social justice has been one of the main concerns of the Catholic and Protestant churches in India since the 1960s. Though social justice is a profound idea, yet, like many other profound ideas, it gets profaned when men who mouth it are sans character. That is why "almost 20 million Dalit Christians have been tamed and reduced to eternal slaves of the organised church bodies," as a statement issued by a Dalit Christian organisation revealed recently.

To corrupt George Orwell