Survey Launched to Find Spiritual State of Nation

Coral Ridge Ministries launched a nationwide survey to discover the spiritual state of the nation Wednesday.

Calling it possibly the single most important survey the ministry has ever released, Coral Ridge is asking Americans to express their values through the survey to the President, the Supreme Court, the Governors of all 50 states, and to the media.

"I will take your responses to this survey and express the results, in no uncertain terms, to our nation's leaders and to the opinion-shapers of our land," stated the ministry whose head is prominent evangelical leader Dr. D. James Kennedy.

"Our nation's moral condition is grave, indeed."

Survey questions include issues on freedom of religious expression in the public sphere, education, abortion, and America's stance on Israel.

"Should schools be required to teach traditional American history - including our religious and moral heritage?" one question asks.

It also addresses a lobbying reform bill, currently being considered by the Senate, that would limit churches and other nonprofits from urging their constituents on public-policy issues that are before Congress. The legislation would require "grassroots lobbying firms" to report to the House and Senate on their activities that would be made available to the public. Otherwise, they could face financial and criminal penalties.

"Should pastors and others be allowed to publicly speak out against sexual sins, including homosexuality, without fear of being charged with a 'hate-crime' and without jeopardizing the tax-exempt status of their churches?" the survey asks.

The 2007 survey is available at

"Together, we will call America back to God - and help turn back the tide of immorality and anti-Christian persecution in this country."

Kennedy is currently hospitalized after suffering a heart attack that led to cardiac arrest on Dec. 28. He is recovering well, according to Coral Ridge Ministries executive vice president Brian E. Fisher.