The Landmine of Sexual Sin

1 Thessalonians 4:1-8

People justify sexual sin in many ways. One popular argument is: "My body belongs to me." No, it does not. You didn't create your body; God did. Therefore, it belongs to Him. Sexual sin makes the deceptive offer of immediate pleasure without penalty, but that is a lie because God did not create us that way.

Sex itself is not a sin. Physical intimacy is a privilege and a pleasure that God gives us within certain boundaries and guidelines. The experience is designed to be shared by two people—husband and wife. Scripture is clear that sexual relations are not meant for two men, two women, or those not bound by marriage. (Leviticus 20:13, Exodus 20:14)

Physical involvement is meant to draw people into a deep sense of intimacy, but only when expressed in a loving marital commitment. Marriage forms a picture of our intimate spiritual and emotional relationship with the Lord. No one else can give us the sense of fulfillment He can provide. God never intended for a physical act to fill our entire need for intimacy.

The consequences of sexual sin are severe. For example, some people may claim not to feel guilty, but actually that is rarely the case. They can rationalize it, cover it up, or try to ignore it, but an underlying sense of guilt is hard to eradicate. The deep, gnawing sense of shame is like a house with termites: nothing may be noticeable for a while, but cracks and damage eventually appear. That's why God tells us to flee sexual immorality—to preserve us from its devastating effects.

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