By Krixia Zhienelle Subingsubing
September 22, 2016|3:59 am

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The Originals

Fans of the CW series "The Originals" can finally calm down, as the series is already scheduled for a mid-season premiere in 2017. Contrary to reports that the series is facing cancellation, there's already an order for a 13-episode Season 4. "The Originals" latest season will also be available on Netflix eight days after the finale thanks to an agreement between the two networks.

So now that we've set the record straight on "The Vampire Diaries" spinoff series, we can get right ahead to what fans should expect from "The Originals" Season 4. CW has yet to confirm an official date for "The Originals" season premiere, but already we've got ideas on what will happen next year on the show.

Growing closeness between Kol and Rebekah

According to showrunner Julie Plec, Kol (played by Nathaniel Buzolic) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) will find themselves growing closer amid the struggles that the Mikaelsons are currently going through. She said the two will bond over the possibilities of their lives outside their crazy family, and will begin exploring their choices beyond their filial issues.

Fans would recall that in "The Originals" Season 3 finale, Marcel had staged a war against the Mikaelsons, forcing Klaus Mikaelson (Charles Michael Davis), to sacrifice himself to save his family. Freya (riley Voelkel) had gathered all the siblings' blood and linked it to Klaus to ensure their safety. She then put them in a deep sleep to give Hayley more time to find a cure for their ailments.

Hope's reappearance

With the Mikaelson family still in grave danger, Klaus and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin)'s long-lost daughter, Hope (Summer Fontana), is their only chance at survival. She's believed to have a powerful gift that can help them in "The Originals" Season 4. The question remains as to whether or not Hope will actually help them, or if the estranged daughter is still bitter over the loss of her father figure in five years.

It also looks like "The Originals" Season 4 will still see Marcel as the family's biggest enemy. He has, after all, entombed Klaus in some undisclosed location with Papa Tunde's blade still very much in his body. During "The Originals" Season 3 finale, however, we do get a glimpse of emotion over Marcel's face as he looks over Klaus' body. Does this mean he'll change his mind in his rampaging vengeance against the Mikaelsons in "The Originals" Season 4?

Even if that does happen, Victor, the only non-comatose New Orleans character, can rise up against Marcel. In an interview with TVLine, executive producer Michael Narducci said Victor will certainly capable of finding peace in New Orleans, and if Marcel toes that line, then Victor would certainly stand up to him.

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