The Rocks Cry Out with Various Artists

Spring Hill Worship has released its second project "The Rocks Cry Out," featuring various familiar artists as well as up-and-coming worship leaders.

The 2005 album, produced by Joe Beck and Jim Frazier, is guitar-driven and crosses both genre and denominational lines.

Vocal talents include Anadara, Carl Cartee, Jan L'Ecuyer, Cole Young, Kate Miner, Charity Von, Rick Cua, Tom Lane, and Elias Dummer.

Spring Hill Worship's core mission is to introduce new songs today for the church tomorrow and its songs are to be well received on the radio, in churches, and bible studies.

Track Listing:

1. The Rocks Cry Out
2. Amazed
3. Alive In Me
4. Sacred Potter
5. Somebody Dance
6. Everlasting
7. Echoes Around The World
8. In Your Presence
9. Halls Of Heaven
10. Let Your Mercy Come
11. Beautiful Wounds
12. Draw Near
13. Do You Hear The Sound